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TERMITE and Roof

termite infested wood close up.

termite infested wood close up.


Did you know – Florida leads the Nation in Termites

Almost 1/3 of the Termites in the USA are in Florida!

Termites can eat you out of house and home!

Protect your home and your wallet from being consumed!

Termite Facts -There are six different types of termites here in South Florida but most people believe that if their home has been treated for Drywood Termites, they are covered for all termite damage. This is not the case. 95% of termite damage in North America is caused by the Subterranean Termite which thrives in underground moist environments. These termites are swarming early this year. Prevention is the best medicine. Call for your free Subterranean Termite inspection and discount pricing today!!

*The Department of Agriculture recommends annual inspections for termites for homes in Florida*


  • Homeowner’s insurance does not provide coverage for termite related issues.
  • South Florida homes with inactive termite warranties may perhaps scare off perspective buyers
  • Combined damage and treatment fees for an unwarranted home can often exceed several thousand dollars
Wholesale Tent and Non Tent Termite Solutions – Deal Direct and Cut Out the Middleman!

MORE INFO-Wholesale Termite

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